ACME Ice Boxes

Welcome to ACME Ice Boxes!

ACME ice boxes are manufactured with experience exceeding 25 years, making them leaders in commercial and domestic cools worldwide. Our ice boxes are exported throughout the world, from the USA to Africa, throughout to south East Asian and now available in Australia.

ACME ice boxes are manufactured from highest quality materials. They are Polyurethane based, food grade backed with Polyurethane which is injected through the certified ISO manufacturing process.

ACME ice boxes are virtually handmade that allows us to ensure the highest quality, in fact we like to think of ourselves as the Roll Royce of the cooler market.

ACME ice boxes will satisfy even the most diligent customers for many years to come, Guaranteeing you value for money. Our ice box range comes in a variety of sizes, with new models added repeatedly and features exceeding our competitors.

After all is said and done ACME ice boxes represent the ultimate in quality and affordability and with a lifetime guarantee, an ACME ice box is ideally your only choice.

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